Audio Visual Work

The Tale of La Manguita

The Tale of La Manguita is an auto-ethnographical research that explores memory and its relation with place in the process of becoming, through the stories told from an abandoned house in the city of Neiva, Colombia.

Hacienda La Manguita (English Version)
Hacienda La Manguita (Spanish Version)


Teufelsberg is an adaptation of a fragment of Pier Pasolini’s work «La Ricotta», related with the topic of place and abandonment.

Teufelsberg, an interpretation of La Ricotta

Between Beats and Code

Between day and night, software and music, global connection and private apartment. We have entered an age of a new way of working. It matters less where one is located than which global connections one can access through the computer. Between Beats and Code is a film that explores the intersection between labor and passion of a software developer who aims to be a techno music producer.

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